Useful Excel Tips and VBA Snippets

Excel tipsA compendium of useful Excel tips and VBA code snippets to add to your Excel tool box. Ten worksheets crammed with clear explanations and working examples.

We live in an age where a great many solutions to Excel and VBA programming problems can be found on the internet. However, one of the main purposes of this workbook is to provide solutions that would in many cases be difficult to find on the internet and, therefore, save a great deal of time in searching the internet. Many topics are covered by this highly informative Useful Excel Tips workbook.

For Example – Removing Blanks

Excel provides a way to remove blanks by selecting the following tabs at the top of the spreadsheet:

Find & Select—>Go To Special—>Blanks—>OK
Delete—>Delete cells—>Shift cells up—>OK

However, the problem with the above method is that all input data in cells below the selected range shift up. Also, this method removes all blank cells but we may want to remove only whole blank rows in the selected range. You will find in the Removing Blanks sheet in this workbook two macros; one removing all blank cells and the other removing only blank rows, with simple examples. In both cases, the cells below the selected range do not shift up.

Other subjects covered in Useful Excel Tips include Dynamic Ranges, Private Sub Macros and Posting to Multiple sheets.

Useful Tips
Useful Tips
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