Excel Chart Creation with VBA

Excel chart creationDid you know that Excel charts can be created using VBA? Have you ever needed to create different chart styles from one set of data?
We experimented in creating Excel charts using VBA coding and this is the result. There are two files in both the demo and full versions. In the first a new Excel chart sheet is created each time the macro is run; the second overwrites the Excel chart sheet with the updated style or data.

The fully working demo version has some restrictions and the VBA code is hidden. However there is loads to experiment with in the free trial version. So try it out for yourself and give us your feedback.

Excel Chart Creation with VB – full version template.

There is no restriction on the chart style type, size or data values in the full version of this Excel template.

Our introductory video will be available shortly. Check out our You Tube channel for more video tutorials. Meanwhile, contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like this template adapted for your own use.

The editable version of this worksheet is without restrictions and passwords, allowing you to freely view and change the code etc, to meet your own requirements. Price will be subject to the current rate of UK VAT where applicable.

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