The Predictor

Excel SpreadsheetEvery now and then we like to create some “fun stuff” here at AT towers. It might¬†demonstrate that Excel is not all figures, charts and analysis, plus that even ex-accountants have a sense of humour!

So here is our gift to you – a random sentence constructing app that just might tell you what’s happening in the future.
Download it for free below, and if you would like to create one yourself and use you own words drop us a note on the Contact Us page.

We hope you have as a great time reading the quirky sentences as we did constructing them. There are over 50,000 combinations so your predictions should never be the same each time you click on the smiley face.

We do require your email address in order to send the link to your free worksheet, and it would be good to use your name in a personal thank you. Our privacy policy is your assurance that any personal information is safe with us.