Stop Watch

Excel SpreadsheetHere’s a neat little utility that we are adding to our Excel Template range. We call it “Stop Watch” and it acts just like one. Click on the START button to show the current date and time. Click on the STOP button and a new current date and time is shown. The difference between the START and STOP times is calculated and placed in a cell below, formatted into Days, Hours and Minutes. Very simple to use and a very useful utility to time your actions. Download a trial copy and give it test. The full version is unrestricted and allows you to copy the sheet into your workbook, and copy and paste the times shown, etc. The macro buttons will need to be re-assigned if copying to a new workbook. Our new YouTube video demonstrates how this is done: Get it here.
Our YouTube video above shows how it works in practice. Go to the full screen view and turn up your speakers to take full advantage of this short tutorial.

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Stop Watch
Price: £20.00

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