Mortgage Calculator – now with Stamp Duty

Excel SpreadsheetNew – we have added an automatic Stamp duty function to our mortgage calculator. Now UK stamp duty is calculated on the property value and included in the total mortgage requirement and the repayments.

What will be the monthly cost of my mortgage? How will it change if the rates go up or down? What if I change my deposit amount? If I extend the period what is the new payment? All these questions and more are answered by using this Excel-based spreadsheet. We have even included calculations to show the outstanding mortgage values and the amounts paid to date. Change any of the values and all the figures are instantly updated.

The fully working demo version is restricted to a standard mortgage value, but all other input fields are variable. Try it for yourself and give us your feedback.

Mortgage Calculator
Price: £20.00

The full version of this Excel template has no restriction on the mortgage value. Our Mortgage Repayment Schedule template is still available here.

Our introductory video will be available shortly. Check out our You Tube channel for more video tutorials. Meanwhile, contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like this template adapted for your own company.

The editable version of this worksheet is without restrictions and passwords, allowing you to freely view and change the code etc, to meet your own requirements. Price will be subject to the current rate of UK VAT where applicable.

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