Membership Database 2017 update

Excel Spreadsheet

We last updated the Membership Database template in 2015. Following customer feedback we have again updated this, one of our most popular templates. The updated version now makes it easier to clear the demonstration data we have used to illustrate the uses of this template. Imported data now gets better integrated into the template via a new update macro. The instructions incorporate the additional features and have had the clarity improved. A lot of these changes were brought about as a result of customer feedback.

The fully working trial version is restricted to approximately 30 members. We think the full password free version will accept well over 1,000  member records. Try a free download now and send us your own feedback.

Many database users who prefer entering initial data in Access find it much easier then to create reports in Excel after importing the data from Access. This is a Membership template that incorporates many tables and reports.

Name & Address List, Membership details, Membership categories, Subscriptions analysis, and Subscriptions outstanding are included in the tables. Reports include Membership analysis, Subscription reminder letters, Records update and Invoices.

Note that tables in a Membership database already existing within database software such as Microsoft Access can easily be imported into Excel, with the advantage that the above reports can be produced from the imported tables with minimal time and effort. 

Membership Database
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The editable version of this worksheet is without restrictions and passwords. Allowing you to freely view and change the code, etc to meet your own requirements. Price will be subject to the current rate of UK VAT where applicable. 

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