VBA Macro Free and Other Free Excel Stuff

macro-freeThe very thought of Macros or Visual Basic coding (VBA) can sometimes send¬†people scurrying away into a dark corner! On the Accountancy Templates website we don’t want you to go away, so we have made available some very useful free stuff – Excel tips and tutorial workbooks with NO MACROS OR VBA! Even better you can have them for FREE. We just want you to enjoy them, tell your friends and colleagues, and maybe come back and try out a few of our Macro enabled workbooks.

From time to time we will add some more free spreadsheets that you will find useful, or maybe will inspire you to greater usage of Excel in your business.

All our templates can be used in Excel versions 2007 to 2016. Downloads are sent in zipped macro-enabled files that can be unzipped using your Windows software.

Please view our terms and conditions on downloads prior to downloading any files.