Management Accounts – Light version

Excel SpreadsheetThe Management Accounts – Light version Excel template enables a Balance Sheet and a Profit and Loss report to be automatically produced from a trial balance download. The free demonstration download is a fully working example that illustrates the great flexibility of this powerful template. Check totals are included throughout to ensure accuracy. Previous period columns are automatically populated for comparison purposes. The video above gives a brief overview of this Excel template.

New – September 2015 Updates – We have added two new explanatory videos to our YouTube channel. The first explains the updated method and the instructions for inserting rows for new codes on the Input worksheet. Take a look at this video on our YouTube channel here to find out more.
The second video explains how to use the period columns that have been added to both the balance sheet and P&L worksheets for comparison and analysis purposes.
Find out more about this update from our YouTube video here.

The editable version of this Excel template, available to purchase below, has unrestricted use; therefore allowing changes and additions to the existing Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss groupings and categories. This greater ability to analyse your figures will enable you to present quick, accurate and stylish period accounts to your management team.
Price will be subject to the current rate of UK VAT where applicable.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like this template adapted to suit your own trial balance.
This MA Light version Excel template has no departmental splits, or budget comparisons. For those you will require the Management Accounts Departmental model. Look at it here 

Try out this Template for yourself by getting the free download below, and giving us your feedback.


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