Corrupted Excel file recovery

corrupted excel file recovery


A corrupted Excel file can be a disaster, but we have the answer –

Safely and swiftly recover your damaged files and get your company back in business.

Corrupted Excel file recovery is a service we all need at some time. A company based in Spain has the answer Excelfix. Cimaware Software has been providing recovery solutions for Microsoft Office files across the globe since 1999. Award winning ExcelFix was their first offering, followed by AccessFix and WordFix released in 2002. OutlookFix completed the Microsoft Office suite in 2006. OfficeFix is now available as a total package and is one of the best-selling recovery suites available.

Then in 2007 Cimaware offered us something away from MS Office. They brought out DeleteFix Photo to recover deleted photos and videos from almost all digital cameras. – Haven’t we all wiped a cherished photo or video off the camera in error?

Free demo versions of Cimaware software

Cimaware provides free demo versions of all its software. When you are happy that your file will be recovered successfully just go back online to purchase the unlock code.  Program updates are provided free for the first year.

Cimaware CEO David Cimadevilla says “..Our goal is to maintain the respect we have achieved by the quality of our software and personalised customer and technical support,”

The Cimaware website has more information and promises that Cimaware is one of the best products for file recovery around.

  • The highest quality. Our products function better and we maintain the highest level through constant updates.
  • Simplicity and speed. Our programs are designed to be easy to install and use. Starting now you’ll only need 5 minutes to recover your files.
  • Guaranteed reliability. We are specialist in creating the most reliable file recovery software. That’s why you will have a full money back guarantee.

You can see all the Cimaware products here.

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