Consultancy services for Excel


We offer Consultancy services to help with adapting our templates, or finding a solution to a spreadsheet-based problem.

We aim to minimise our overheads in order to provide our services at the very best rates. As a result we can work on a competitive hourly rate or on an agreed fixed price for the entire project.

It will cost you nothing to talk over your Excel problem with us. Give it a try and we promise you will be pleasantly surprised by our consultancy charges.

Use our Contact us page in the first instance.

But that’s not all…..

Some other areas that we may be able to assist you with:

  • Budgets – Just drop your figures into a template we can provide. Last year’s actuals plus 5%? No problem. Want to make that more, or less at the click of a button?  No problem.  Changes, Comparisons, Charts? Easy.
  • Cash Flow – Pull figures from your budget into a template we can provide. Pay suppliers after 30 days, get customer receipts on 45 days? Not an issue. Quarterly VAT payments? Included.
  • Data Transfer – Moving from one system to another? Information need cleansing, formatting, sorting or restructuring? We have the tools and the knowledge.
  • Reporting – Your accounting system not giving you quite the right reports? Need more analysis? Want a management summary? Here to help.
  • Visual Aids – Need an Info-graphic to illustrate a point? Want a chart to make your data clearer? Check with us first.
  • Any other spreadsheet related project – Get in touch with no obligation. Happy to listen and help.

Excel is the World’s best selling and most widely used spreadsheet program, and is second to none for Planning, Presentation and Analysis. Use our years of experience to help you get the very best from it.

Please use the Contact Us page and let us know what you need.