Accounts Consolidation

Excel Spreadsheet

New Accounts Consolidation templates are the first major contributions to our website in 2018. To our original template we have recently added two more Accounts Consolidation templates as follows:

Method 1.

The template previously on our website, is now called Accounts Consolidation 1. This demonstrates two alternative methods for consolidation of tables that have identical layouts. Using the macro example a cleaner solution can be obtained.

Method 2.

Accounts Consolidation 2 does much more. There is a Master sheet, to which the month’s figures for each month are copied from a statement imported from another source. After selecting the name of the month in cell E8 of the Master sheet, the ‘Composite’ macro button is clicked. The month’s details, including all the formatting entries and text, are then automatically posted to the relevant month’s sheet, and the Consolidation sheet is automatically updated.

Method 3.

Accounts Consolidation 3 has the very special feature, not easily available on the internet, of consolidating statements or accounts that are not necessarily in the same format. For example, in sheet North there is no department B. Yet, the department totals of all the sheets are correctly consolidated on the Consolidation sheet.

All three templates are included in the package. Either as a free sample download, or the full version with full access to all the formulas and the VBA code.

The editable version of this worksheet is without restrictions and passwords, allowing you to freely view and change the code etc, to meet your own requirements. Price will be subject to the current rate of UK VAT where applicable.

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