Membership Database – Full Version

Control the membership records of your club or society using this Membership Database Excel template from Accountancy Templates. This updated version contains new features plus, imported data now gets better integrated into the template via a new update macro. The instructions incorporate the additional features and have had the clarity improved. Read more »

Prize Draw Machine – Essential for Bingo callers

If you regularly host Bingo or Lottery games the Prize Draw Manager is just what you need. No expensive equipment needed, just a laptop or tablet. The numbers drawn are completely at random, and it features the last number and total numbers drawn, plus a large screen view that you can move to a second monitor for players viewing. Read more »

Excel Chart Creation with VBA

Did you know that Excel Charts can be created using VBA coding? We experimented in creating charts using VBA coding and this is the result. Loads of chart style options, sizing and colours. Two files: Add extra chart sheets every time, or overwrite the existing chart. Read more »

Retirement Planner

Planning for your retirement? Well our Retirement Planner could help you make the decision. Enter your current figures, update the inflation factors and watch how the numbers pan out over the next 20 years. Read more »

Mortgage Repayment schedule

An Excel template that instantly creates a list of mortgage repayments by year and by month. The interest and capital amounts are calculated for each month and year. A simple chart shows how interest payments reduce as the capital element of the loan is repaid. Read more »